Friday, February 1, 2008

Fa Jing - Tucking the Tailbone

In addition to the lateral shake used to generate Fa Jing there is another method involving the 'tucking' of the tail bone. The technique is fairly simple to describe but initially difficult to execute.

From the kua closed position on the front weighted leg (as seen in the previous video of the Yang Tai Ji Brush Knee) one quickly rotates laterally around the central channel (Zhong Ding) toward the rear leg. This opens the forward kua and momentarily closes the rear one. From there one instantaneously snaps their hips back to centerline position while simultaneously tucking the tail bone under. (Digging the tail bone into the Earth)

This drives the weight from the heel or mid-line point to bubbling well. The effect of this is to greatly enhance the frequency of Qi being emitted which, in push hands, will dig out (uproot) the opponent, always feet first.