Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Interview: Zhan Zhuang, Qigong & Tai Chi for Stress Management

For anyone who uses Zhan Zhuang, Qigong or Tai Chi for Stress Management, here is an interview I did recently which may give you some new or additional methods to increase the effectiveness of 'decompressing' and rebalancing.

Friday, July 15, 2016

How to Generate Internal Power - The Myofascial Connection

HOW TO GENERATE INTERNAL POWER - The Myofascial Connection
In Zhan Zhuang and indeed in all the internal martial arts, one of the most important essentials is the awareness and control of our body’s Myofascial (muscle/fascia) core system. Why? Because this is where much of our internal power actually comes from. I’m speaking of the linkage of certain muscles from the head down through the feet. This Myofascial connection is a physical reality. Employing the first of the 8 Core Skills - Soften/Connect - we initially master awareness of this physical network and then its entire linkage. Following that, we learn to utilize the other 6 Core Skills to control this Myofascial core system in order to generate internal power, either for martial arts or healing. The 6 other Core Skills are: Open/Close - Stretch/ Compress - Twist/Release. The short video presentation below by Sifu Steve Rowe of the UK is an excellent Western explanation of the reality of our internal Myofascial connection and its inherent ability to generate internal power. Well worth watching!