Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Excerpt From Inside Zhan Zhuang

New Excerpt From Inside Zhan Zhuang

'The Paradox of Internal Power' - continued from 6/27 post

"But when one gets good, I mean really good, even the speed and explosiveness necessary to create a dramatic reaction in the target, will seem to diminish or actually disappear. In other words, the movement may appear very small, slow and smooth but the opponent’s reaction will be anything but. 

Upon seeing this for the first time, the mind has a little trouble putting it all together because the appearance of what happens seems to defy logic. How can a small, soft, short movement create such a sharp and violent reaction in the recipient?

The answer is of course, the Chi, or more correctly very condensed or crystallized Chi on the Yang side (electric) combining with the ethereal, less tangible Yin Chi (magnetic) to create a momentary electromagnetic charge or field. If this charge is strong enough it can disrupt or displace the recipient’s field, causing instantaneous and chaotic reactions.
With a few very advanced practitioners, this can be like the feeling of sticking your finger in a light socket. Chen Fa Ke comes to mind in this regard."

More Later. 

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Hi. Any plans for a digital (ebook) version of the book?