Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Excerpt From Inside Zhan Zhuang

From the Section - 'Control vs. Letting Go'

"Zhan Zhuang has two essential aspects to it. The first of these, maintaining control, stems from the Taoist Fire path. The other is letting go and trusting. This finds its origin in the Taoist Water method.

To understand the fire path, we look at the behavior of fire itself. Fire basically burns things up. And the hotter the fire gets, the more fuel it requires. Fire can also be erratic, witness a forest fire which starts in one location and then suddenly jumps to another. Or a fire can begin at one point, then fan out, igniting everything around it. 

Water on the other hand, reacts somewhat more consistently. It can drip steadily so as to one day wear a hole through a rock. Or when more abundant, it can flow steadily like a river, or race and tumble like a set of rapids. Water can also be like the sea and ebb and flow or well up into an enormous wave."

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