Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fa Jing - Cracking the Whip

Fa Jing is in some ways a complex and difficult subject, however there are certain basics common to all forms: The Fa Jing 'Shake' and later the tailbone tuck. In the above example using the Brush Knee movement of Yang Tai Ji, it starts in with Kua of the rooted leg (left front) being closed. From there the hips snap laterally to the right (opening the Kua) and then back to the left (closing it) as the Jing is emitted. We shall discuss the applications of the 'tailbone tuck' in a future post.

***Use caution with this method as it gives very little room for forgiveness if done incorrectly. The tremendous amount of torque generated can cause instant injury if the power does not leave the body and instead gets trapped somewhere inside.

More later.

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