Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tai Ji Hardwiring Practices

The idea of hardwiring practice is to link each part of the body to the Dan Tien. Eventually the Dan Tien becomes a control/dimmer switch for the entire body’s movement throughout each individual posture and transition.
Note – All levels are best exercised first using single forms repetition practice. Practice each separate movement repetitively, concentrating on the particular aspect you select then do the same for each transition.

4 Basic Areas and Stages of Physical Concentration.

1. Basic Alignments
2. Opening and Closing the Joints.
3. Linear Tissue/Sinew Stretching.
4. Twisting, Wrapping and Spiraling Sinews and Tissues.

Eventually Opening and Closing the Joints and Stretching and Spiraling the Tissues become one simultaneous, cohesive movement executed within the correct alignment of each posture’s Frame.

More Later.

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