Monday, January 14, 2008

Prerequisites for Achievement of Yin Peng

Yin Peng can only be approached after investing serious time in thoroughly mastering the physical aspects of training, collectively known as Yang Peng—the basic level of Sung—the elasticity of the physical body.

Step 1 involves ‘hardwiring’ the basic postural alignments.
Step 2 integrates the method of opening and closing all the joints.
Step 3 entails the stretching all the tissue of the body—from the center to the extremities during opening and from the extremities to the center while closing.

Step 4 adding to step 3, all the tissues are now spiraled (twisted, wrapped) around the bones from the Yang to the Yin surfaces while closing and then from Yin to Yang surfaces while opening.

Step 5 necessitates achieving conscious awareness of the bones and at the highest level the bone marrow, spinal cord and brain tissues. This step becomes the bridge between the physical methods and purely energetic practices necessary to implement Shen Force. By mastering the five physical steps we achieve ‘frame’ and a certain degree of Sung. This becomes the foundation for establishing a solid sense of Central Equilibrium during gathering and issuing . Only when all these basic connections and movements are programmed thoroughly enough to enter the subconscious and become reflexive habit are we ready to discover Yin Peng.

More later.

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